The Social Savvy Bundle for Coaches and Course Creators is here to help you build and maintain an engaging social presence. This bundle of digital products includes:

The Traffic Booster: How to Increase Your Website Visits E-Book ($27 Value)

Your website could be a revenue-generating machine for your business. You just have to get enough people visiting it on a regular basis. Of course, all this raises the question: how do you get more website traffic? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this eBook. You’ll discover 10 proven strategies for getting hundreds, if not thousands, of website visitors. Each of these strategies, when used on their own, can drive a significant amount of traffic to your site. When you combine them together, you can see massive results.

30 Days of Content Prompts ($27 Value)

The 30 days of content prompts spreadsheet provides you with prompts you can leverage to create captions, tiktoks/reels, carousels and so much more. The prompts are applicable to anyone in the online course/coaching industry and also includes sample calls to action. These prompts can be reused over and over again when creating your monthly content plan. 

Blogging is Back: Blog Post Formula's to Increase Your Visibility E-Book ($37 Value)

I'm sure you've seen by now, blogging is back in action! It's a great way to drive subscribers  to your email list, build trust and increase sales. Constantly coming up with new topics and angles to blog about that will add value to your readers is no small feat. It requires creativity, insight into your audience, and the ability to create fresh content day after day. It’s enough to cause even the smartest blogger to burn out. This guide is here to make it easier. In this eBook, we’re going to give you 17 different types of blog posts that you can write. You can think of these as blog post formulas. They provide an easy-to-follow framework for you to use when writing blog posts.

5 Day Plug and Play Email Welcome Sequence with Upsell ($97 Value)

Struggling with what to say to subscribers after they opt-in to your list? Look no further! This 5 part sequence is built to kick off immediately after someone subscribes to your list and ends with upselling them into your course or service. It allows you to build rapport and trust while establishing credibility as a leader in your industry. This product is delivered as a Google Doc to aid in your ability to quickly customize and plug into your email marketing tool.

Marketing/Content Calendar ClickUp Template Set ($147 Value)

Tired of managing your content calendar in a spreadsheet? This is the perfect system for you. This system includes 1 space, 3 folders, 13 lists and 5 task card templates. This system will allow you to: Brainstorm, track and categorize your content across all social platforms and your podcast Outline and track your launches - you will also get a copy of my live launch framework Track and manage your public relations efforts Track and organize your content, opt-in's, and landing pages

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